System No. W-L-2010

August 28, 2001

F Rating 2 Hr

FT Rating 1 Hr

FH Rating 2 Hr

FTH Rating 1 Hr

System tested with a pressure differential of 50 Pa between the exposed and the unexposed surfaces with the higher pressure on the exposed side.
1. Wall Assembly The 2 hr fire-rated steel stud/gypsum wallboard wall assembly shall be constructed of the materials and in the manner specified in the individual U300 or U400 Series Wall and Partition Designs in the UL Fire Resistance Directory and shall include the following construction features:
A. Studs Wall framing shall consist of either wood studs or steel channel studs. Wood studs to consist of nom 51 by 102 mm (2 by 4 in.) lumber spaces\d max 406 mm (24 in.) OC. Steel studs to consist of min 89 mm (3-1/2 in.) wide and spaced max 610 mm (24 in.) OC.
B. Wallboard, Gypsum Two layers of 16 mm (5/8 in.) thick as specified in the individual U300 or U400 Wall and Partition Design. Max diam of opening is 92 mm (3-5/8 in.)
2. Through Penetrants One nonmetallic pipe to be centered within the firestop system. Nom 51 mm (2 in.) diam (or smaller) Schedule 40 solid core PVC pipe for use in vented (drain, waste or vent) piping systems. A nom annular space of 8 to 16 mm (5/16 to 5/8 in.) is required within the firestop system. Pipe to be rigidly supported on both sides of wall assembly.
3. Firestop System The firestop system shall consist of the following:
A. Fill, Void or Cavity Material* - Wrap Strip One or two layers of nom 6 mm (1/4 in.) thick by 51 mm (2 in.) wide or 2 layers of nom 6 mm (1/4 in.) thick by 25 mm (1 in.) wide wrap strip continuously wrapped around the outer circumference of the pipe, secured with tape or wire and slid into annular space such that the ends are flush with or extend a max of 3 mm (1/8 in.) above the surface of the wall. Wrap strips are installed on each surface of the wall. RECTORSEAL — Biostop Wrap Strip

*Bearing the UL Classification Mark