System No. W-J-2008

August 28, 2002

F Rating 2 Hr

FT Rating 1 Hr

FH Rating 2 Hr

FTH Rating 1 Hr

System tested with a pressure differential of 50 Pa between the exposed and the unexposed surfaces with the higher pressure on the exposed side.
1. Wall Assembly Min 6 in. thick lightweight or normal weight (100-150 pcf) concrete wall assembly. Wall may also be constructed of any UL Classified Concrete Blocks*. Max diam of opening is 3-5/8 in.See Concrete Blocks (CAZT) category in the Fire Resistance Directory for names of manufacturers.
2. Through Penetrants One nonmetallic pipe to be installed either concentrically or eccentrically within the firestop system. The annular space between the nonmetallic pipe and the periphery of opening shall be min 3/8 in. to max 3/4 in. Pipe to be rigidly supported on both sides of wall assembly. The following types and sizes of nonmetallic pipes may be used:.
A. Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Pipe Nom 2 in. diam (or smaller) Schedule 40 cellular or solid core ABS pipe for use in vented (drain, waste or vent) piping systems.
3. The firestop system shall consist of the following:
A. Packing Material Foam backer rod firmly packed into opening as a permanent form. Packing material is to be recessed from both surfaces of wall as required to accommodate the required thickness of fill material.
B. Fill, Void or Cavity Material* Caulk Min 5/8 in. thickness of fill material applied within the annulus flush with both surfaces of wall. RECTORSEAL — Biostop 500+

*Bearing the UL Classification Mark