System No. W-J-2006

June 24, 2003

F Rating 2 Hr

FT Rating 2 Hr

FH Rating 2 Hr

FTH Rating 2 Hr

System tested with a pressure differential of 50 Pa between the exposed and the unexposed surfaces with the higher pressure on the exposed side.
1. Wall Assembly — Min 4-1/2 in. thick reinforced lightweight or normal weight (100-150 pcf) concrete. Wall may also be constructed of any UL Classified Concrete Blocks*. Max diam of opening is 3 in.See Concrete Blocks (CAZT) category in the Fire Resistance Directory for names of manufacturers.
2. Through Penetrants — One nonmetallic pipe to be installed either eccentrically or concentrically within the firestop system. The annular space shall be min 1/16 in. to max 9/16 in. Pipe to be rigidly supported on both sides of floor or wall assembly. The following types and sizes of nonmetallic pipes may be used:
A. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) Pipe — Nom 2 in. diam Schedule 40 cellular or solid core PVC pipe for use in closed (process or supply) or vented (drain, waste or vent) piping systems.
B. Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC) Pipe — Nom 2 in. diam (or smaller) SDR 13.5 CPVC pipe for use in closed (process or supply) piping systems.
3. Firestop System — The firestop system shall consist of the following:
A. Fill, Void Or Cavity Material - Caulk — Min 1-1/2 in. thickness of fill material applied within the annulus, flush with both surfaces of wall. A in. diam bead of caulk shall be applied at the 1/16 in. annular space between the pipe and periphery of opening on both surfaces of wall. RECTORSEAL — Biostop 500+

*Bearing the UL Classification Mark